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Buy US Based ISBN code at low cost from anywhere in the world. No need for ID card verification or to register a legal entity in order to obtain ISBNs. Now independent authors and self publishers can obtain ISBN instantly.

Why Buy ISBN from US?

We are a registered book publishing company in the United States. We offer various book publishing and marketing services to independent authors. One of our service is assigning ISBN to author books at low cost under our publishing name. Author doesn't have to spend too much money on buying ISBN and publishing services. They can obtain an ISBN from us and publish their book on their own while using our publishing brand name. We are a reputable publishing brand helping authors self-publish at a low cost and get extra exposure to their book. Below are a few reasons why buy ISBN from us:

Your ISBN will be registered in the US and assigned to your book format. Your book gets extra exposure by using a US-based ISBN, as the US is the largest economy in the world and largest book market. Amazon KDP and IngramSpark are the two largest book self-publishing platform offering print on-demand service to independent authors. Both of these platforms are US-based.

By using our ISBN service, your book gets global recognition. Not only that, your book gets listed on more book library, retail websites because we assign your book metadata with your ISBN after purchase.

Say goodbye to sneaky rule set by your local ISBN agency. You maybe not aware of the sneaky rule that the ISBN agency in India, China and several parts of the world use to censure books. Some ISBN agency requires a lengthy ID verification process to obtain ISBN. Not only that, you will have to compile by their rule on how your book should be published.

ISBN Service

Our discounted ISBN service is a great way to purchase cheap ISBNs for self-publishing books. You will get all the benefits that come with using your own or custom ISBNs. Alongside that, you will get a barcode for each ISBN and support whenever you need. You can also use our brand name and logo to publish your book.

You will own 100% ownership and royalty of your book by using our ISBN service. We will also help you with setting up your book copyright page and metadata to make your book more professional. Order now, for just $39 per ISBN. A bulk discount is available if you purchase more than 10 ISBNs.

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Take a look at the ISBN FAQ to learn more about what is ISBN, and other terms related to ISBN.

Tips For Self-Publishers

Self-publishing is a great way to get your book out into the world faster and have complete control over your book. One of the key steps in the self-publishing process is getting an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Having an ISBN makes your book easier to find and easier to market.

Buying an ISBN isn’t expensive, but there are some tips you can follow to help make sure you get the best deal. Here are some of the things you should consider when buying ISBNs:

  • Buy from a reputable source. It’s important to make sure that you’re obtaining ISBN from a reputable source that allow you full creative and marketing control.
  • Buy in bulk. Many companies offer discounts when you buy ISBNs in bulk – usually in packs of 10 or more. This can save you money in the long run, so it’s worth considering if you plan on self-publishing multiple books.
  • Obtain ISBN from US based Agency or publishing company. Some ISBN agency and platforms that issue ISBN has restriction on how their ISBN could be used and book could be marketed.
  • First publish your digital version of your book before publishing print version. For ebook publishing ISBN is optional and you can change book title, subtitle etc even after book is published. But same is not true to print book.


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